A Holocaust Memorial Book
Second Edition

Translated by Florette Lynn

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Children Perished

These We Remember: Educator’s Package is designed for teachers who want to make history come alive. Through primary sources your students will become immersed in a Jewish shtetl community in Eastern Europe. Students will become familiar with the people of Ivenets, their history, values and way of life. Limited selections focus on shtetlech in surrounding communities as well.

Teacher’s Guide: These We Remember. Teaching the Holocaust Through Memoir and Personal Narrative. Topics include:

  • Why Study Yizkor Books?
  • Key Concepts
  • Lesson Plans
  • Recommended Memoir Excerpts
  • Glossary
  • Additional Resources
  • Corroboration


  • Walking the Book, bringing the family back to Ivenets
  • Memoir excerpts

The Teacher’s Guide & DVD are now available for $10.00 USD on Amazon.